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Gone are the days of dull faux floral arrangements.

A simple arrangement offers gives a pop of color and it is so easy to pull off. All you need is a vessel with character….  Like an old-fashioned glass jug, an old watering can or a colorful new watering can. Then choose your colors, tall or short depending on your container. Such as several tall, brightly-colored floral sprigs or flowering branches.

For a longer horizontal display, use a wooden box or crate and fill it with smaller vases  filled with flowers

Tiered stands are everywhere these days, and with good reason. Whether yours is made of wire mesh or steel wash pans, it creates a versatile foundation for displaying a wide array of seasonal knick-knacks. Combine all your country favorites in one place without looking cluttered. Flowers and greenery mixed with your favorite objects makes a delightful display.

Can’t get enough of the mason jar craze? Here’s another clever way to incorporate canning jars into your décor. Wrought iron coat hooks are attached to distressed boards to provide a farm fresh backdrop for hanging mason jar posies. They’re a throwback to the popular turn-of-the-century fairy lamps but with a cool, country twist.  If you are not into mason jars, use lanterns.


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