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The key to a successful home buying experience is local expertise. That's why I have spent my entire real estate career specifically focusing on Cobb County, Cherokee County, and the City of Roswell. It is the time tested experience from years of living, working, and playing in certain areas that help create the perfect real estate agent to provide you with a smooth transaction!

When purchasing a home, many buyers need a little help figuring out their finances. I am skilled in helping asses your situation to make the most out of your budget! I am also here to help match you with the perfect lender for your needs.

Once we get you on the right track with the best lenders, we will begin the process of finding your dream home! After many years in the industry, I have become an expert on helping you picture your life in each home that we tour. If you're having trouble getting past the floral wallpaper in the master bedroom, I can help you visualize the room with your own items and a more neutral color. I will also help you plan for an inspection and discuss with you what updates and upgrades you may want to do in the future. I will guide you into thinking about each home in the long term.

When looking for someone to represent you in your next real estate transaction, search for a professional REALTOR with true local market expertise. Ask probing questions and listen intently to the answers. With my expertise and my team of experts in the field, I will always have the answer!

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